Friday, 6 March 2009

New Bloggings

The first entry was always going to be a difficult one to write, wasn't it? Spent the whole bus journey brimming over with ideas of how to start it, and of course I come to actually sit down and write the bugger and I can't think of a single one. Typical.

Well. I've decided it's time I had a proper blog, a real "presence on the interwebs", which is a very wanky way of putting it, but it's been pointed out to me in a variety of ways lately that if I really want to be a writer and have people read what I've written (which is sort of the point, I guess) then a blog will help. All the cool people have them. I can point to stuff I'm doing, plug the other things I'm doing, such as the Boxroom Podcast, and whinge about the things I'm struggling through (not too much of that though). Also, in the vaguely patronizing guide to blogs I found, it said something along the lines of "write about stuff you're interested in, and your potential reading audience will be interested in". So expect some tangents along the lines of "Jeezum christ Demons is terrible" and "the new Doctor's hair is very distracting" and so on.

So the blog will be about, roughly: writing, podcasting, geeky things, books. That probably covers most of it. Oh, and there will be lots of swearing, because my vocabulary is fucking ace, or something.


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! If you want any tips on format, analytics to see how many people are reading your blog, where they are from and how they are finding you, give me a shout!

    I'll add you to my links section to. x

  2. welcome once again to the Blogosphere....

    I look forward to Jens lexicon of swearing! :)

  3. cool balls!

    braces for blogageddon

  4. Blogageddon, I like that. :)

    Thank you lovely people, I nearly did a wee when I saw I had comments! Ms Fox, cheers for the support; I've almost got the hang of how this works so I'll try and get your blog on here somewhere too. x

  5. Welcome indeed. Drop into my place for an introduction to the big hairy beasts of the blogging world.

  6. Thank you Mister Ape sir! I certainly shall.

  7. Glad to have you here in the Blogosphere, dear!