Thursday, 19 March 2009

Dawdley, the God of Procrastination

The Gods of Procrastination have been whispering in my ears again. And it's all due to Script Frenzy!

Script Frenzy is a sister project to NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, which I took part in last year. NaNo is a brilliant mad thing, where you are challenged to write a 50,000 word novel over the month of November. I really can't recommend it highly enough; if you've ever thought you might enjoy writing and have a secret book inside you somewhere, or you're a frustrated writer who never finds time to get it down, Nano is a great catalyst to get your arse in gear. A community of thousands of enthusiastic writers, all struggling with their own wordcount, and all ready to offer encouragement (or jibes) when you're flagging. It's brilliant fun, and taught me a lot about my own writing, as well as many lessons about how much I can do when I stop whinging and just do it. Of course, given the speed of the output a lot of rubbish is written across the board, and even I was surprised by the number of Nano novels that appeared to be about sparkly vampires and angsty werewolves. Hmm. But it's the pure joy in the act of creation that makes Nano fun to be part of. That and all the sweets you're allowed to eat because you need to stay awake.

Script Frenzy takes place in April, and is essentially Nano with scripts. Now, I've never written something in that format. Have never, in fact, even contemplated doing so. I love films almost as much as I love books, but it's never occurred to me to try and write one. But all it takes is one convincing email from Chris Baty (organiser of Nano and all round nice chap) and I'm contemplating it... Even though Bad Apple Bone is so close to being finished and the last thing I need is another month spent concentrating on something entirely different.

But. I have an idea, gleaned from a half finished storyboard of a half finished comic I did years ago... I think it might make an interesting Guillermo del Toro/Mirrormask/Dark Crystal kind of film.

And it is very, very tempting.


  1. You know the answer in your own head is dooo it dooooo iiiiit!

    With Marty at your side with the scripty software thing it should be great fun.

    Go on you know you want to!

  2. It's funny how the little devil on my shoulder sounds like you... ;p

    If nothing else, it'd give me some good practise on writing dialogue. And the software will be a big help. *teetering*

  3. Nooo! You must resist the temptation! That way it'll be easier for me to resist it as well ;).

  4. aha! Resistance is futile! As well you knooooow... ;p


  5. Well, just to go against the grain here:

    Do it, if and only if you keep working on the novel as well. Never drop one writing project for another, unless you are being paid to do so. It might seem like a good rest, or good experience to try a different form, but after a month you'll have written 100 pages (how many words does that come to for a screenplay anyway?) that are not 100 pages on the novel.

    Do both, or do Bad Apple Bone. If you get into the habit of changing projects you'll only end up with half-finished things.