Saturday, 7 March 2009


Alright then, I thought I'd explain some of the links I now have to the left of this blog. I suppose you could actually click on them yourself, and then you'd find out straight away what they're about, but you might not know me, and I could reasonably have some very strange interests. One link could send you to novelty butt plugs* for example, or the latest furry fashions, or godzilla porn (thanks to Warren Ellis for that one).

So if you trust me, go have a look for yourself. Go on. I don't mind waiting for you. I'm listening to Papa was a rollin' stone, I've got a while.

Well. The level of distrust on the internet just saddens me. The first link, unsurprisingly, takes you to the profile page for The Boxroom Podcast, a podcast I record with my young man, Marty. When we started recording it we did attempt to plan what we were going to talk about; now that's all out the window and it's very much a makeitupasyougo-cast, or a let'sgetpeopletotwitterwhatweshouldtalkabout-cast. Largely, it seems to be about geeky things we like, geeky things we don't like, and how we've embarrassed ourselves in the last week. The cheese story being a good example.

The Lost Bearings forum is essentially a tiny message board for our friends, because when you know a lot of people from various places online, it's nice to have one place where they can all meet up. We're lazy like that.

The Bearcast is a podcast recorded by the grumpy bears I mention in my profile. Yes really. Well, Terry is rarely actually grumpy, to be fair. I make guest appearances on there as Token Female (the cheek) and we discuss... odd things. UFO's. Doctor Who. More cheese.

The Lost Bearings Audio Adventure is my other half's Maximum Octopus; an audio comedy/drama about hope, distant lands, mad scientists, the pub, and soft toys. It is very good indeed.

Pantechnicon is a website that is also a forum that is also a magazine that publishes genre fiction. I mention it here because a) it is a groovy idea that supports new writers, b) it is free and you can actually download it and print it out if you like, and c) the next issue has a story by me in it. Hurrah!

That's all of them for now. I may add more later when I realise I've inevitably forgotten something. On an end note, I would like to ask: wasn't there a character in Thundercats called Lynxo? Was he a bit rubbish? Did you all think this post would be about Thundercats and you are now bitterly disappointed?


*Lots of sales on for butt plugs at the moment. I'm just saying.


  1. Lynxo - The thundercat patron saint of the eternally perspiring.

    Nope no Lynxo existed in the Thundercats world... Though I suppose there could have been one on Thudeara the lost homeworld of the Thundercats, but clearly he must have been a git because the others left him behind.

  2. There was a Lynx-O! He was in the animated movie (I've got it on VHS somehwere). Behold the proof...

  3. Ha! There's even a Pumyra. I must have seen this many moons ago.

  4. Must remember to check out the next issue... doesn't involve bears, does it?

  5. Please do! And there are no bears in it. I'm not good at bears. :)

  6. What about your Gummi opus?

  7. I think we all know that my slash mpreg AU Gummi Bear fanfiction is for die hard fans only.

  8. Behold the glory of Lynx-O and Pumyra!

    There was another one called Bengali too (who was basically a black and white Tigra)