Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Upcoming Story in Hub Magazine, and Kittens

So in celebration of the fact that I have a short story coming up in Hub Magazine soon, I will:


a)      Do a snoopy dance (you will have to use your imagination here)

b)      Post a picture of a kitten


a)      and c) point you towards my previous two Hub stories, just in case you haven’t read them. The Sea, The Sea, The Sea is a tale of growing up, growing older and the terrible mysteries of, well, The Sea, and Jump is a story about how infatuation doesn’t always lead to flowers and chocolates. Sometimes, in fact, it leads to frogs.


The new story popping up presently in Hub is one of my favourites; a story initially scribbled into the back of my notebook whilst sitting on a train heading back from the SFX Weekender. As you can imagine, I was nursing a stinker of a hangover at the time and I think some of that hopeless terror and misery seeped through into the story.


Anyway, as soon as it’s up I shall shout and holler on here and possibly even post another picture of a kitten. Watch this space!


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