Saturday, 31 October 2009

The Writing Space

This is the place where I will be doing much of my grimacing at the laptop over November. Items of note; Charlie the Nano Pony- my Nano mascot, pile of sweets and Thorntons chocolate for rewards/sugar fuel, Nano calendar on the wall to the right, small stack of notebooks from previous books to remind myself that I can write, moomin mousepad (I don't have a mouse, but it is very cool) and various postcards of interesting stuff.

To be honest, I don't really subsribe to the Writing Space idea. Someone once wrote (can't remember who) that writing often had to be done around the edges of life; much of my writing is done on the fly, in notebooks or down the pub or on the bus. Having a special space for it is lovely (and I have spent many minutes admiring my little desk and it's collection of pleasing objects) but life doesn't always give you the time to go and sit in it.

Still, for NaNoWriMo having a desk to write at is all part of the fun, and I'm looking forward to starting- not long now! :)


  1. And here's a link to my profile so you can follow me and laugh at my progress:

  2. Jen, I think it's brill that you're having another go this year. You've been through so much recently, no one would have blamed you if you'd skipped it this time.
    From my experience, I can tell you that the confidence does come back and one day you wake up and realise that your Gran is a gentle thought in your head rather than a painful one. Anyway, if you have a go and it's no longer fun, just stop. Pick it up in Dec or Jan. Your talent for writing is never going to go away.

    Better go. I have to hide from the small children knocking on my door.
    Love and hugs, Lucy xx