Tuesday, 28 July 2009

On Boxrooming

Most of you will know that I "co-host" (i.e, giggle in unison) a podcast with my lovely bloke and fellow geek, Marty. The Boxroom podcast (the name picked in random desperation after we'd realised all the clever sci-fi related names were taken) has actually been doing rather well recently, and I thought it might be groovy to have a wee update about that alongside the endless boring posts about writing (sorry about that!).

Those readers who have met me will know that I am largely quiet, opinionated when drunk (ahem) and mostly horrified by any kind of recording device. When, a few years back, some of my nearest and dearest friends got together to make a Highlander spoof (called Lowlander. It was aces) I was frozen with terror at the thought of possibly appearing on camera at all, let alone my voice actually being recorded- consequently I appear in a fabulously tiny cameo where I draw on Marty while he's asleep.

Getting slightly off track here, but the point is that I continue to be amazed that I'm helping to record an almost weekly podcast, and that people do appear to be listening to it. And responding. And recording marvelous, witty, and above all geeky feedback! I'm enjoying it immensely, and find myself looking forward to the meandering couple of hours a week where we break all the sensible rules of podcasting and talk about such various subjects as Nicole Kidman's merkin, Jonathan Frakes possible motive for making terrible films, and why Muppets are always a plus.

A big thanks to all you people who support it (You know who you are. None of you are remotely crabs. You are the Buck Fucking Rogers of Awesome) and special thanks to the mysterious Rob, who is responsible for more of the content than will ever be publicly known, and the less-than-mysterious Lee, our frequent guest and Token Beardy.

Now lets go listen to 31 again, it's a cracker!



  1. I loves the sword fight between Blighty and myself in Lowlander. And Jeb's death! Awesome stuff. Epic!

    The BoxRoom Podcast continues to be the highlight of the week. We have wine for a start! Then we bollock on about gubbins and guff and it seems to be going down well too. Am very proud of you, Jen! I never thought you'd be up for podcasting and here you are, a bloomin' natural!

    Now, where's that wine?

    And oh! The facebook group needs more people: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=45129304697

    pip pip!

  2. I wanna see Lowlander! It sounds like the kind of thing my husband did with his high school mates. Great stuff there. Dave got to be Forrest Gump and (in a separate movie) was killed by a flying CD. Really, you must find a way to make Lowlander available to us Americans! :)

    Dave and I really look forward to every show. You talk about things we know (mostly) and love, and there are always, always laugh-out-loud funny moments that have us giggling for days. Thank you for a fabulous podcast!

  3. Aw, thanks Brandi! Yours and Daves contributions have given us loads to talk about and plenty of big laughs too. :D

    Lowlander is, I believe, still in a sort of post-production hell- who know, maybe some bits of it may see the light one day?

  4. Lowlander still resides in bits on my PC backup drive... one day it will see the light... when the world needs a hero so one shall rise...

    The biggest problem (and one that may forever scupper the production is that we never got any usable footage for the end, filmed in a pub..

    As for boxrooming... I love it and one day hope to be in it again ;) :p

  5. Mwhahahahaha! You have no choice, so there ;p You will be the perpetual Token Beardy for all time!