Thursday, 18 June 2009

Bird and Tower

A brief one, since I have remembered that I've yet to talk about the novella I wrote for last years NaNoWriMo.

Bird and Tower (I hate the title, and have yet to think of a better one) is almost a Young Adult book I think, in that the main characters are young people. I didn't conceive of it as such, but writing about teenagers, and in particular, a naive, optimistic kid gave the book a lightness and mood that is very different to Bad Apple Bone. Having said that, it has it's dark and bloody parts, and I would have to investigate how much violence you're allowed in a YA novel before I really start calling it that...

Written in the frantic time frame of Nano, it has obvious pacing issues and a couple of moments where one character will drop off the page for a bit and reappear later on (not used to handling so many main characters at once!) but all in all I enjoyed writing it, and it surprised me by making me cry at the end. I would love, ideally, to write a sequel as I would dearly like to know what happens next to Quint, Aksu and Acolyte Jones, but that's in the far future I think...

Anyway. Here's a very brief and wonky synopsis I've knocked up to give you an idea of what it's all about. :)

Quint has spent all sixteen years of his life inside the Tower and has never once ventured out into the sprawling city of Ternestrad. This has never worried him particularly; the man who acts as his father, Dr Phiestus, has always taken good care of him, and the many mechanical Croids that keep the Tower spick and span provide a company of sorts.
However, one night Dr Phiestus leaves the Tower and does not come back, and when Quint accidently hatches an egg in the doctor’s storeroom, he realises that it’s time for him to leave the Tower and head out into the world. With the help of a thief, a runaway monk and a creature from another age, Quint must solve the mystery of his own birth and discover the legacy that waits for him beneath the city of Ternestrad.


  1. < insert Bernard Black mad hand waving in disbelief >

    Are you insane? Bird and Tower is an AWESOME title!

    You know what you should do? Podcast it. Podcast the HELL out if it. 50,000 words is about 5 hours of audio (10 x 30 minute episodes).

  2. You know, I rather like that idea! And I happen to live with a rather enthusiastic voice actor type person, so it could definitely work (I'd never use my voice, it's *awful*)

    And I'm glad someone likes the name at least. It started out at the "work in progress" title, and I never thought of a better one to replace it.

  3. You should consider reading it yourself, the whole "read by the author" thing adds quite a bit to the appeal.

    Syndicate it via iTunes, pimp it via ads in other podcasts, and you're away. I'd be happy to help out.

  4. Apart from when the author is a screechy voiced cockney with not even a suggestion of acting talent ;)

    Any help would be muchly appreciated! No doubt I will need advice from someone who actually knows how this stuff works...

  5. That sounds teh awesomes! I wanna read it. Now!

    I don't mind the title either *shrug*