Sunday, 5 April 2009


So how is April going? How is it going?

Well, despite absolutely definitely deciding not to do it because it would be silly and I don't have the time, I seem to be doing Script Frenzy anyway by accident. Sort of. Before April 1st came around I tried to fling out a quick plot outline for the idea, reasoning that if I could figure out roughly what it was about I might give it a go. I struggled and complained and filled out a "beat sheet" and eventually discovered that, no, I still didn't know what happens or how it would work, so I would take that as a sign that I wouldn't be doing it afterall.

And then when the 1st of April came around, I had a quiet moment inbetween avoiding getting rickrolled so I very quietly, without looking very closely at what I was doing, kind of sort of started writing the screenplay anyway. *sigh*

It hasn't been a disaster quite yet. I'm still working steadily towards the end of Bad Apple Bone, and the screenplay, called The Sinister Bend, is merrily being made up as I go along with no thought for plot or where it's going- this is fun.

But it is only the 5th, and as I'm sitting here in a Sunday funk failing to get anything done at all, it could still all go wrong!


  1. Heh, I have title envy. The Sinister Bend? Bad Apple Bone? London Stone?

    I think I need to employ you as my title-generation assistant!

  2. Heheh, believe me, the title is the best bit of the screenplay so far ;)

    (I work for tea and biscuits)